Photos and PhotoEnroll

We are excited to announce a new way we are sharing photos from camp with parents this summer. We have signed up with Photoenroll, a great new free service that allows you to get the pictures of your kids emailed or texted to you without having to search through hundreds of pictures by using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology. Once you register and enroll your child’s faces, Photoenroll will find your child’s face in our pictures and email or text as new pictures are added. You can also view all photos of your child on a personalized gallery just for you on their website Attached are some easy to follow instructions to help you create a Photoenroll account.

How to Setup Your Photoenroll Account

  1. Go to and sign-in (log on through Facebook or Google – recommended, or you can create a username/password directly on the Photoenroll website).
  2. On the “Subscribe” tab choose the organizations you wish to subscribe to (for Pilgrim Day Camp, choose “Pilgrim Day Camp”).
  3. On the People tab, click the “(+)” button to enroll a new person. Click “Browse” and find a picture of the person you want to enroll (or paste in a URL of the picture if the picture is online).
  4. If you do it from your mobile device, you can click on “Browse” and either find a picture from your phone’s camera roll or take a picture on the spot and upload it.
  5. Photoenroll will process the picture for a few seconds (10-20 seconds or longer sometimes) and identify the faces in the picture. You will be asked to click on the face you want to enroll for this person (in case there are multiple faces).
  6. After you clicked on the face, enter the name of the person and click the “Save” button to save it.
  7. It is best to enroll 2-3 different pictures per person if possible. To enroll more pictures for an existing pictures, select that person in the “People” tab and click on the “Upload picture of ” link 8) Wait 30-60 (or sometimes even as long as a day) and on the “Photos” tab it will show you any existing pictures that were found that match the faces you enroll. You may have to refresh the browser to see the pictures.
  8. When new pictures are added in the future, Photoenroll will email you the pictures that match the faces you provided.
  9. If you want to have the emails go to more than one email address (ex: grandparents, relatives, friends), you can edit your profile to add additional email addresses. On the top-right of the screen, click on your name and that will bring up the “Edit Profile” screen. On the bottom of that page, it has boxes that you can put in up to nine more email addresses. Click “Update” when you are done.
  10. If you have any questions, click “Contact Us” on the website and someone from the Photoenroll support team will get back to you within 24 hours (do not email our office).

Photo Policy: We take pictures of each group once a week. So we cannot guarantee a set amount of pictures each week.

We will post snippets of videos and pictures daily and weekly on our Instagram and Facebook page.

All pictures will be posted on your photo enroll account. Remember the more you upload in the beginning the better the program is at detecting your child’s face.