Maple Ridge Session 4 8/14

Today we enjoyed playing gaga ball and using the swings this morning while finishing up our crafts at arts and sports. We painted our pottery, finished our Popsicle stick creations, and took home most of our creations from the summer. At arts and crafts, the kids created more fuse bead designs, and cup candles. Our special day today was country western day. The campers looked great in their cowboy gear, and we listened to some good music. Our favorite moment of the day was definitely playing dodge ball in the afternoon. The kids went one on one throwing the balls until one team won. Tomorrows special day is dirt dessert day. The campers will be given yummy pudding cups during lunch. The campers also worked on our camp song today. During lunch, the group practiced the first half of our song, and it came out very well!

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