Maple Ridge Session 3 7/30

Today we started our day with welcoming everyone to olympics and giving the campers their team names. Today we enjoyed many games of kickball, lacrosse, and soccer at athletics. At arts and sports we made wooden signs and decorated them. The campers decorated them and put their names on them.  Our favorite moment of the day was playing Gagaball and making sure none of the counselors won. Tomorrow is double dare day and we will be challenging everyone to fun challenges for Olynpic points. Today on our way up to lunch, German was super nice and offered to make it easier for his friends and take their bags up to the site. Good job German. At lunch it was very funny when the campers organized a plan to steal the counselors hats and glasses. They distracted Michael, Jake, and josh and ended up taking their hats away without them even noticing.

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