Maple Ridge Session 2 Day 9

Today we enjoyed playing video games and basketball at the 1620 house. The group was able to chill with each other and create cool competitions involving ping pong and other sports. The campers also enjoyed painting the camp groups’ sign. They all signed their names and made it look super cool. It was very unique and the kids had a blast creating the sign with Katie. Today we enjoyed our special talent day. In the morning the campers showed off their talents in front off all the other campers. Their talents were funny and very cool. At adventure craft, the campers were also challenged to make fires using plastic lenses. Jason and Bradley did the best and even made a few flames on their mini fire. Tomorrow is carnival day. We will be playing many different carnival games and earning tickets for fun treats and dunking our counselors in the camp’s dunk tank. Devin was very kind today. He looked out for the rest of the campers and when they forgot something like goggles, he would make sure that they got it back to them. Good job Devin!

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