Maple Ridge Session 2 Day 8

This morning the entire camp went into the woods and we made breakfast! We got to have sausage, tortillas, and eggs with our groups at the site. While we cooked the kids worked on their forts for the campsite competition. Our favorite moment of the day was hanging out in the woods with all the other groups and counselors during breakfast. A really funny thing that happened was at breakfast today one of the counselors made a burrito and was so excited to eat it that they dropped it on the ground and had to make a new one. Nice hands Jake! It was a great start to the day. Today was PJ’s day and everyone wore their best night outfits! It did get a little hot though and some of us had to take off our onesies and change into regular camp clothes.  Tomorrow is talent day so make sure you bring your best to flagpole tomorrow!

Shoutout to all the campers that did the trapeze up in the trees today. Jumping to catch it looks very scary, but the kids did great with it!

The kind moment of the day was when a few of the campers helped the counselors out with cleaning the site and bringing the trashcan out to the site of the campsite.


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