Maple Ridge Session 2 Day 6

Today we enjoyed playing baseball, gaga ball, and nine square during athletics and arts and sports. At arts and sports, the kids also made wood sculptures and painted their clay pottery from last week. One of the best games we played today was free for all dodge ball. Everyone was on their own team and attempted to get each other out. The funny thing was that the campers decided to get the counselors out first and they felt victorious every time one of them had to sit down. The morning was filled with running around so we were happy that we were able to cool off with an extra long swim. We played games with friends and swam all over the pool. Tomorrow’s special day is Tie dye day. Please make sure your camper has a white t-shirt to dye during the day if they want to participate.


Tomorrow’s weather might involve rain. Please pack rain gear and some dry clothes just in case!

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