Maple Ridge Session 2 Day 5

Today we enjoyed staying cool in the woods for arts and crafts and playing board games with each other.  The kids also made metallic tiles, fuse bead pictures, and many more gimp bracelets. Today we enjoyed our weekly cookout. The campers enjoyed salad, burgers, and hot dogs along with lemonade. Our favorite moment of the day was definitely creating silly plays at music. The campers made four different groups and were each given props. The trick was that the props could not be what they actually are. A Frisbee became a steering wheel or a crown and the campers worked hard together to create funny skits to perform for each other. After free swim today, the campers enjoyed making your own ice cream sundaes. They were super good and were a great way to end off our fantastic week.  Can’t wait to see everyone next week!

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