Maple Ridge Session 2 Day 4

This morning we made pac man projects and fuse beads at arts and crafts. The kids made food at adventure craft and gimp at arts and crafts. The special day today was 80s day. The campers and counselors dressed up in 80s clothes and we played 80s music. It was totally RAD. The favorite moment of the day was making doughboys at adventure craft. It’s when you take crescent rolls and wrap it around a stick.  Roast it over the fire and when it’s cooked you put it in butter and brown sugar.  Melts in your mouth delicious! The special day tomorrow is cookout, remember not to bring a lunch! The brave camper today was Caroline, who helped start the fire at adventure craft. The kind moment of the day was Zayley and Max for volunteering to help with the trash at the campsite, thank you so much! A funny thing that happened today was when the campers at lunch made up a game of tag where campers were either sheriffs or prisoners and they had a blast. So creative!

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