Maple Ridge Session 2 Day 2

Today, we began our morning by painting and finishing up our pottery we started yesterday we then had a blast by playing gaga ball! All the campers got really into our game of Gaga ball and it turned into a really competitive fun game! We then made super cool canvas paintings and butterfly rain catchers!also Our special day today was hats and shades day. The campers enjoyed blocking the sun with cool sunglasses and funny hats. Everyone really enjoyed free swim today it helped us escape the heat!!! From jumping off the diving board to sliding down the waterslide we all were very refreshed after swim. Tomorrow’s special day is water fun day. We will be playing fun games involving water as a cool way to stay out of the heat. Today at Arts and Crafts all of Maple Ridge together helped clean up without being asked. Great job guys! Our groups funny moment of the day was when all the children teamed upped against the counselors in games like gaga ball. They did a good job at beating us. We will see you tomorrow!!! 

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