Maple Ridge Session 1 Day 6

This morning we started the day by playing a great game of Gaga ball…we also created wooden American flags which will be ready for a decoration to be used on the Fourth of July! The children also finished their clay pots and will be bringing them home! Today was the first day of the second week of camp and we are excited, although it is hot we have a great group to have fun with. Our  favorite moment  of the day was hanging out in the woods and playing games to escape the heat during lunch. We’re looking forward to cooling down with some Popsicles and double swim this afternoon! We were also so happy to see the returning campers from last week make the new campers not feel alone at lunch and really helped them get involved throughout the day. So great job everyone! Before lunch we got a golf cart ride all the way up to the site which was not expected but was very appreciated! Tomorrow is Town pride day so wear a shirt or any article of clothing to represent if you have any!!

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