Maple Ridge Session 1 Day 5

Today we enjoyed playing charades at music. Everyone was goofy trying to act out actions like brushing our teeth, pillow fights, and playing sports. At arts and crafts, we made more pictures with fuze beads, designed many notebooks to use over the summer, and enjoyed making many bracelets with gimp. Today we had our weekly cookout. We enjoyed salads, burgers, hot dogs, and make your own ice cream sundaes. Our favorite moment of the day was free swim after lunch. It was super hot outside and all the kids were so excited to swim and cool off from the heat. Abby also was very helpful today. She offered to take the site’s trash can to the end of our site, making it easier for the maintenance to come pick it up. She also worked to make sure the site was clean and there was no mass from the cookout. One thing that was very funny today was when the counselors had to act out things for charades. Michelle gave them a very hard task. They had to act as jello. The campers found it hysterical, but were very good in guessing what they were doing.

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