Hearth House Session 1 Day 8

Today we started our morning by making ooey, gooey, oobleck!! We also listened to our counselor read us the wonderful story Dr. Seuss’ Bartholomew and the Oobleck it was very funny! Following the story and making of oobleck we became science detectives! We got out our magnifying glasses and took in inside look on the life of bugs. We also took a look at rocks and spider webs! Everyone loved looking at the patterns and designs close up. At the end we discussed our observations that were made with the magnifiers. Our favorite moment of the day was watching all the little campers Ooh and Ahhh while they touched, and played with the oobleck.  All eyes were wide opened. We are all super excited for this hot afternoon because we have double swim!!! We all can’t wait to toss those rings to our friends and dive down for them! Our special day tomorrow is Red, White, and Blue Challenge Day! Each camper will get assigned a color and if you have anything wear your assigned color so we can compete! Everyone gets very spirited. Also no need for a lunch tomorrow because we have a cookout following with Sundaes!!!

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