Hearth House Session 1 Day 6

This morning we had a long cool tractor and right and after, we did some archery with our new Nerf bow and arrows!  Afterwards we headed our way to arts and crafts with Michele and we decorated caterpillars! We glued on googly eyes and pom-poms to an egg carton!  We then played with them and acted out skits! We had a lot of fun! Swimming was our favorite moment of the day! It was so hot out so it was very refreshing! The swim lessons with Patty the lifeguard were super fun some of us blew bubbles while others kicked and splashed around. We are super excited because after lunch we will be going swimming again and then we have music and don’t forget we will also enjoy the nice cool Popsicles! Are kind of the day was making friends with our new campers Logan, Henry, Patrick, and Odyn. Welcome to Hearth house! Tomorrow is town pride day so if you have any town pride spirit feel free to rock it tomorrow!!

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