Hearth House Session 1 Day 4

We made paper plate snakes this morning in our room! We colored the plates and then cut them into Long snakes and hung them in the room!! We also made fruit loop necklaces in the morning and sparkly beaded necklaces and bracelets in the afternoon! Favorite moment of the day was hanging out with lifeguard Patty in Edwards House while she told us stories and sang songs with us! Tomorrow is cookout day! We will have hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, chips and juice! Please provide a full lunch if you do not want your child to have cook out food. All our campers braved the first storm day of PDC 2018! We had lots of fun with games, crafts, and a viewing of “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs”!!! A kind moment of the day was when Lauren told Layla how beautiful her snake is! Such sweet friends in Hearth House 🙂  We had the best time today when during the storm we had a lower camp dance party with songs like “Let It Go” and “How Far I’ll Go”!

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