Hearth House Session 1 Day 3

We took turns riding around in the cars at lower divide! We also drew with chalk on the lower parking lot driveway!! At the end of the day we made pretty candles and we can’t wait for them to dry! Today was tie-dye day and we tie-dyed some shirts, a pair of socks, and even a onesie for James’ baby sister! Abby, Layla, and Lauren said that candle maker by was their favorite moment of the day while Zain said that his favorite moment was playing on the playground and swimming!! Tomorrow is camo day! Dress in as much camo as you can! Shout out to all our brave campers for taking a ride in the cars this morning! Kind moment of the day was our campers complimenting each other’s chalk art work! This afternoon we played some mini golf! We’re working on some better putting form 🙂


it will be VERY rainy tomorrow. Please bring extra dry clothes and rain gear. If it doesn’t thunder or lightening then we try to play out in the rain as much as we can.

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