Hearth House Session 1 Day 2

Today at athletics we played so many fun games with dodge balls, a tunnel to run through, a hula hoop tag game and we finished off with a game with the giant parachute! This morning at arts & crafts we made thermometers and decorated them as a flower! We can’t wait until they’re dry to take them home! Today was Earth Day at camp so for snack we had dirt dessert! We thought it was so yummy! Pudding and Oreo crumbs complete with gummy worms on top! We took an extra long tractor ride with Alan after lunch and then had popsicles! Tie-dye day! Bring a piece of white clothing to tie-dye with fun colors! We had so many campers try dipping their faces in the water today and some even went all the way under! Shout out to James, Harper, Zain, Dylan, Isaac, and Hayley! A kind moment of the day was when Layla went running to go hug her brother Dominic before swim! We had a dance party at the end of the day at music! We danced so much that we were tired out by the end!

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