Specialty Camp Programs

We are excited to continue the Specialty Camp concept this season at Pilgrim Day Camp that was started last summer. This season we have a wide variety of activities that campers can choose from.  Please see the schedule of activities below.

Full-time campers ages 7 and older can sign up for a specialty camp offering.  The activity will be led by expert teachers and staff members with years of experience in the activity.  Specialty Camps will take place in the mornings and campers will join their regular unit for afternoon activities.  

How the day would look for a camper in the Speciality Camp Program:

First Period- Teaching and learning.  

Second Period- Instructional swim.

Third Period- Culminating activity.  

Campers would be delivered by golf cart to their individual groups for lunch and would continue with a fun-filled afternoon with their friends in their unit.

*Musical camp- At the end of musical camp, the campers will perform a play for parents and campers.  It is a two-week minimum because it will take two weeks to get ready for the final performance. 

Please sign up early for activities of interest because there will be a limited number of openings in certain activities.

Specialty Camp Schedule 2020


How to Register for Specialty Camp

Register your child for the weeks or sessions you are interested in.  If your child is 7 or older more options will be available to click on after you select the session.