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Plymouth House Session 4 8/16

Plymouth house made puppets with awesome colors on it at arts and crafts today. We also made magic candles with also a nice variety of colors.The kids made beautiful music together today…we practiced our song several times. It is really all coming together so nicely. We played on the water slide today and enjoyed some popsicles… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 4 8/14

Plymouth house took a tractor ride up to the woods for a special surprise with Hearth and Pilgrim house.  Today was country western day! Loved all the cowboy and cowgirl hats and outfits today…Great job! Listening to Ethan tell me how much he loves country music…Mine too! He also is a big fan of Kenny Chesney!!! Tomorrow is… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 4 8/13

Plymouth house enjoyed a tractor ride up and around the camp..this kept us dry. We also participated in athletics and learned how to throw a frisbee. In arts and crafts we made sun ornaments with beautiful colored paints. It might take until tomorrow to dry due to the lack of sun today. Welcome new campers and welcome… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 4 Day 4

Plymouth House went to music and paraded around the middle level with a variety of instruments. Some kids had sticks , drums, triangles etc. Then we played a game of wizards, giants, elves. Plymouth house colored some fashionable hats or small tote bags in arts and crafts today. Today was crazy hat and sock day! The campers… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 4 Day 3

WE searched for fun treasures today. Many campers found nteresting shaped rocks and sticks. Some campers even brought in their own pirate gold coins to look at. The campers came up with a dance routine to go along with our dance party before we went to out last swim of the day! Today was pirate day! The… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 4 day 2

Plymouth had a relaxing tractor ride followed by an archery lesson. What great aim thesee campers have. The Plymouth house made speed and magic on the slip and slide today. Wow did they have incredible speed but what a way to beat the heat! Better wet then sweat!! Today was wet fun today. We had extra swim… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 4 Day 1

Today was meet campers day! Welcome all campers. Some campers have been here before and some are new ! I hope you all had a fun filled day here at camp.Double swim this afternoon to beat the heat!! Plymouth group participated in several athletic games today. The parachute, bowling and scoopers with balls.! Such great… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 3 8/2

Plymouth house played feed the hungry hippo game. All 4 Olympic teams raced eachother to see who ended up with the most food for their hippo.All teams were excited to carry one then two balls at a time. The campers was tested their athletic skills at the obstacle course bouncy house today. They went through tunnels,… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 3 8/1

Plymouth made smores and listened to a story up at adventure crafts! They were all interested and excited listeners ! Plymouth house made smores and cooked them to a golden perfection. They then added crackers and of course chocolate! So good!! Today was tie dye! This group is a professional tie dyer. Some chose to wear their… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 3 7/31

Today was double dare day! Campers dared to soak staff and ride a floaty bull in the pool. Today Plymouth House were doubled dared to throw water balloons at councelors as they tried to catch it with cymbles. The campers and all staff had lots of fun competing for points towards their Olympic team goal. Today… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 3 7/30

Today was meet new campers for session 3 week 6. I know I can’t believe how fast this summer is going!!! Plymouth house participated in athletics today with their Olympic group.  At arts and crafts today Plymouth house made so sea shell ornaments. These would be great to hang on porches, rooms, windows etc. Favorite moment… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 3 Day 3

This morning we rode the tractor with Alan! Plymouth house was super excited to see Alan after he missed Monday and Tuesday because he was in New York. The kids made s’mores today at Adventure Craft! After we made our delicious treats over the camp fire, we sat back and listened to a classic story for… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 3 Day 2

This morning we danced with ribbons at Activities With Michelle! Annabelle had the time of her life with her favorite colored ribbons! At Arts and Crafts with Michelle Kostiw we made photo frames with old-fashioned stickers and some fancy jewels and buttons!  At swim today we learned to swim with our mouths in the water with Lifeguard… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 2 Day 9

Plymouth House watched a play put on by the bigger kids, ” Beauty and the Beast.” The kids were such good listeners and were amazed by their performance!! What a great play!!! Annabella sang out loud with the performers during Beauty and the Beast! She knew all the words! Nice! The kids made snails at arts and… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 2 Day 8

This morning we went up into the woods to play a big game of hide and seek. The kids had a great time! We had three rounds in which Nora, Elsa, and Leila were victorious. After our snack today, our campers tie dyed shirts. The shirts looked great! Today was Pajama Day. Many of our campers showed… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 2 Day 7

Plymouth house went on a tractor ride and played a great game of mini golf. Yay for Wyatt who got two holes in one! WOW! Th kids made big strokes and amazing listening during swim lesson today! Due to circumstances out of our control we could not do Tie Dye today but will do it tomorrow. No… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 2 Day 6

Plymouth House started their day by playing T Ball at Athletics.  Plymouth house really has some great T Ball skills! Wow! The campers tried their skills by hitting and fielding! Watch out Red Sox…here Plymouth House comes. Today was meet new campers today and say hello to familiar ones as well.! Plymouth House is always quick… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 2 Day 5

Today Plymouth played at lower divide.  The kids got to play on the electric cars, play drip drip drop, and shoot some hoops! There was so much great great sportsmanship I have to shout out all the Plymouth House campers!! So proud of all of you!! Plymouth house made lots of splashing kicking during swimming lessons today!… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 2 Day 4

Today was 80’s day!! We listened to 80’s rockin music, enjoyed crazy bright colors with neon headbands.We played games that were popular in the 80’s and enjoyed all the outfits staff and campers wore today. Plymouth played an 80’s game called kicked the can. Oh it was a lot of fun watching the kids wonder… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 2 Day 3

This morning we used bug vacuums and got stamps for the bugs we found at adventure craft. It was awesome exploring the woods!  We also made really cool bracelets in the woods too. Today’s special day was water fun day and so our favorite moment of the day was when we went down the water slide… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 1 Day 8

Today we started our morning by making ooey, gooey, oobleck!! We also listened to our counselor read us the wonderful story Dr. Seuss’ Bartholomew and the Oobleck it was very funny! Following the story and making of oobleck we became science detectives! We got out our magnifying glasses and took in inside look on the life… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 1 Day 6

Today Plymouth house started the morning by making stained glass ornaments!!  Get ready because there’ll be so many beautiful colors that will shine in the windows.  Aside from window decorations we also made splashes in the pool and waves! At the pool everybody enjoyed blowing bubbles in the water because it was very refreshing due… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 1 Day 5

Today our favorite part of camp was when we painted in arts and crafts today. So many wonderful pictures of the pool and the playground. The kids made awesome sand castles and worked together in the sandbox. Today was cookout day! The campers enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. The worked up quite a hunger before lunch! My… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 1 Day 4

Plymouth house had a dance party during our thunderstorm party, inside of course. We also played a game called Black Magic. The kids were puzzled how our counselors could guess which objects we were thinking of.  The Plymouth house kids made snake spinners beautifully creative designs. We also made Fruit Loop necklaces!Some of the Fruit Loops… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 1 Day 3

Plymouth house went on a bug hunt at Adventure Craft.The campers had a blast with their hand held bug vacuums. The searched under logs and rocks for critters and they flew into the vacuum. Each camper got a stamp for every bug they captured! So fun! Each camper made amazing Tie Dye shirts!! Some had many… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 1 Day 2

Plymouth group made made flower thermometers out of foam pieces! They will be coming home tomorrow!Then we had some time to play in the playgroung before swim. The kids made and created different dance moves during music activities.The also made up rhyming words to sound like Susanna.Banana was a big hit and they got a laugh… Continue Reading →

Plymouth House Session 1 Day 1

The Plymouth house did many things this morning but one thing we did was swim in the pool. It was so refreshing and fun! Some campers splashed around from one side to the other while others showed us their swimming styles. So fun!  At arts and crafts this morning Plymouth House made beaded bracelets with a… Continue Reading →