Block Hill Session 4 Day 4

We got a nice and relaxing tractor ride. We made a pit stop at archery, so that we could practice hitting some targets. We love to hang out with Alan the tractor man. Today at arts and crafts we made bags. The kids were able to customize the bag with their favorite colors! And the bags had different prints on the cover. Today’s special day was crazy hair and sock day. We loved getting silly at camp and wearing funky socks. So many kids looked great in their crazy hair. Our favorite moment of the day was being able to play at lower divide. At lower divide we got to go on cars, pay gaga, and street hockey. We had so much fun! Tomorrow is cookout, you do not need to bring a lunch. The kids can enjoy a hamburger or hot dog and sundaes at the end of the day! All of the kids know our Block Hill song, that is a cover of the song The middle. Ask them if they can sing it to you for practice!

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