Block Hill Session 4 8/15

This morning we had such a fun time at athletics! We got to play cat and mouse, mini golf, and a very cool new game called hoop hop. Hoop hop was the kids new favorite game where the kids play rock paper while jumping through hoops. The kids helped make their dirt dessert snack. They got to crumble their oreo and put in the gummy worm. Todays special day was earth day! The kids got to spend some time in the woods, helping clean up the trash, and having a relaxing day in the sun. Our favorite moment of the day was watching the play. The older kids did glee the musical. We loved singing along to the songs and watching the performance. Tomorrows special day is sports day. Come in your favorite sports team gear! Today in the woods the kids got to climb up the wall. The counselors helped the kids climb up the wall. It was a the first time the kids got to try it, and they loved it!

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