Block Hill Session 2 Day 7

One thing we did this morning was amke cool nature pictures at Arts & Crafts. We searched for leaves around camp and put them on a special piece of paper in the sun and then it made shadows of the leaves on the paper.  Today was tie dye day but we did not get to tie dye tomorrow because the water was not working at Edwards House due to construction. We will be tie dyeing tomorrow instead so if your camper didn’t bring a white piece of clothing today they can bring one tomorrow to tie dye! Our favorite moment of the day was going down the big slip n’ slide down the hill by the office! Tomorrow is Pajama day so your camper can come to camp nice and cozy. A funny story of the day was when we were trying to make our nature creations at Arts & Crafts the wind started blowing and started to blow our papers and leaves around everywhere!

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