Block Hill Session 2 Day 6

One thing we did this morning was playing in the sandbox and building sand castles during Arts & Crafts. This morning at Arts & Crafts we made candles for the first time this summer! They all picked the colors they wanted and we put the wax into paper dixie cups with a wick in them, so they can use them at home.  You can peel away the Dixie cup when they get home! Tomorrow’s special day is tie dye day! Make sure your campers bring a white t-shirt, or a white piece of clothing for them to tie dye! One kind moment of the day was when all of the campers picked up 5 pieces of trash after lunch and made our tent look nice and clean. A funny story that happened today was when one of the campers was playing in the sandbox and buried his shoes by accident so we had to go around digging in sandbox looking for them.  Good news…we found them!

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