Birch Hill Session 4 Day 4

This morning we went on the tractor. Our favorite songs to sing on the tractor today were the “Princess Pat” and “Great Big Moose.”  After tractor the kids had athletics, and in the afternoon we made wood chimes as an enrichment option. Today’s special day was crazy socks and hair day! The kids did a great job dressing up whether it was tying their hair into wild ponytails, or bringing their favorite pair of knee socks. Our favorite moment today was when the kids played imaginary Star Wars, using sticks as light sabers. Tomorrow’s special day is cookout! Come hungry! Julian did a dive off the diving board for the first time. So brave! Today a counselor forgot sunscreen and ALL the campers volunteered to share their sunscreen. The kids favorite moment was when Aidan “with good hair” tied his hair into a pony tail for crazy hair day!!

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