Birch Hill Session 4 Day 1

This morning we had music with Michelle, but to cool off in the heat, we started off with a game of mad libs which the kids then turned into a play. So fun! After music the kids then got to make fun pieces of mosaic tile or play doh at arts and crafts. Today’s special day was the first day of the last session:( We had a dance party at the end of our music block which was so fun for all the kids. Tomorrow’s special day is splash day! We will get to play water games all day:)

Congratulations to one of our campers, Liam H, moved up to level 4! He is the first camper to do so, and we expect many more to join him by the end of the session. Keep it up, Liam! While waiting for the tractor to come pick us up, our group got to spend some time in 1620 which is always a blast. One last reminder going into this session is to pack your child’s bag with sunscreen (some need to refill their sunscreen) and to send them to campers with sneakers on! Thank you!

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