Birch Hill Session 4 8/13

This morning we had music with Michelle and we played Charades with the campers. It was a special game where the kids got to either “act,” “draw,” or “sculpt!” At arts and crafts, the kids had the choice of either making decorative discs, fuse beads, or candles! The special day was the last first day of camp!:( The favorite moment of the day was avoiding the rain by playing in the 1620 building. Tomorrow is Western day! Charlie and sienna were super brave when they volunteered to be the “doctor” at dodgeball. A kind moment today was when the campers, Ava and Kyra, working with the fuse beads cleaned up without counselors asking! The best part of the day was at the end when the rain cleared up and the campers got to play a spontaneous game of dodgeball. So fun!

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