Birch Hill Session 3 Day 5

In the morning we had tractor and archery with Alan! Some kids had the choice of playing baseball or soccer too. At arts and sports with Marie, the kids finished painting their pottery. We cleared the shelf so that next week we can start our woodworking! Today’s special day was cookout! It was super yummy. Our favorite moment today was playing Gaga ball after we finished our pottery! Next week we have Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics.  Just come and be yourself and we will divide into Olympic teams for the week. Today our campers in Jordan’s swim group (Charlie, Gianluca, Ethan, Mia) did front flips and handstands! Kind moment of the day goes to Brandon who rushed to fill his water bottle to help clean sunscreen out of a camper’s eye! So nice! Finally, Today we started a noodle fight after swim lessons. The kids each vied against the counselors to get Gianluca’s towel back. It was hilarious!

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