Birch Hill Session 3 Day 4

This morning durring arts and sports our entire group played a few games of Ga ga, the kids had a lot of fun competing against each other and some of the counselors even joined in . Durring arts and crafts we made golden bracelets. The special day today was pirate day!! Many of the kids came in wearing pirate themed outfits, Sienna came in wearing a pirate headband and an eyepatch. Our favorite moment of the day was when we did a scavenger hunt for “lost treasure” (candy), the kids had so much fun scavenging around the playground looking for candy. Today we went to the 1620 house and played a bunch of gamesThe special day Tomorrow is funky hat and sock days, make sure your kids come In wearing some funky socks.

Emelia went off the diving board for the first time ever today.


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