Birch Hill Session 3 Day 2

This morning we played a fun three-game circuit with archery, dome ball and Scram Ball at Athletics with Kate.  Today the kids decorated frames with decorative sea glass and beads during Arts and Crafts. During Enrichment, some of the kids choose to do pottery where they made bowls, mugs, and other clay figures! The special day today was Tattoo Tuesday! The kids put on temporary tattoos and looked very rad! The best moment of today was when some of the campers got moved up a swim level and were so proud of their progress! Tomorrow is Fiesta Day! We will have a pinata at our fiesta so get excited! A brave camper today was a boy who was afraid to hike into the woods but came along with the group to face his fears. A kind moment today was when one of the girls shared her towel with another camper who lost hers! Something funny today was watching the kids dance along to the music playing on the playground.

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