Birch Hill Session 3 8/2

This morning we had tractor and archery. Because it was so hot out, we then went into the shade to play nine square and street hockey!  Today the kids made dirt dessert after lunch. It was one of our many treats because Brandon brought in cupcakes for his birthday. Happy Birthday Brandon! Today’s special day was luau day! We had a cupcake fight with a few of the leftover cupcakes and the kids thought it was so hilarious. Cookout day is tomorrow! Bring your appetite. At swim almost all of our campers jumped off at the deep end! Because it was Krissy’s last day today all the kids pig-piled on top of Krissy. We are going to miss her so much in Birch Hill. Thank you Krissy!


Logan lent Teddy his sunscreen today. Teddy made a comment to the counselors saying that “Logan was the bestest friend in the world” because he was so kind to him.

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