Birch Hill Session 3 7/30

This morning we rode the tractor and did archery. The kids also had the opportunity to play a fun and competitive game of soccer with some of the older kids at camp – they did such a great job! Today the kids made lots of fun memories and new friends at soccer with Jason and in the sandbox with some of the others groups. The special day today was Favorite Sports Team Day. The kids looked awesome in their Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots apparel. Let’s go Boston Sports! A favorite moment of the day was singing songs on the tractor. They did a beautiful job singing the PDC Camp Song, The Princess Pat, The Littlest Work and The Great Big Moose – ask them to sing them for you! Tomorrow is cook out! Come hungry because we’ll be having hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream Sundaes. Today a brave counselor confessed his love for Lifeguard Jordan. The kids are so very excited about their newfound love. A kind moment today was when the kids cheered each other on at soccer. They encouraged one another to keep working hard and had a blast. A funny story today was when all kids pig-piled on counselor Krissy! They’re so loving and funny with their counselors!

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