Birch Hill Session 2 Day 6

This morning we got to play with power cars and basketballs at lower divide area. It was so much fun driving cars like big kids. Today the kids did not have arts and crafts and did not make anything… but we made lots of new friends! Today we had our talent show after lunch. Some of our favorite acts were gymnastics and singers. Sam did a lovely rendition of “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, while Adi and Charlie sang a duet to “Lean on Me.” So awesome! Tomorrow’s special day is tie-dye! Bring in your white clothes. Brave camper shout out goes to  A lot of our campers tried the diving board for the first time. We are so proud of them! A kind camper moment of the day goes to everyone who helped each other with sunscreen after both swims… without us asking:) Finally, our favorite moment of the day was when Cait introduced a new Birch Hill favorite game called Pac Man. The kids all took turns being the “pac people” and being the “ghosts.” It was a blast!

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