Birch Hill Session 2 Day 4

This morning we had tractor rides, practiced archery, and dodgeball. During Enrichment today kids had the option to go 1620, have a spa day, or play a game.  A lot of kids chose “spa day” and painted our nails and did some facials. Some kids opted out and played at 1620 house.Today’s special day was 80s day! It was great seeing everyone dressed up! We had some extra time at athletics so we got to play some mini golf! We got to see the drone flying above us as we putted! Tomorrow is cookout day, no need to bring a lunch.  We also get to make our own sundaes. A brave moment of the day goes to a camper who normally is nervous to swim swam at both swim periods! A kind moment of the day was when the girls all helped each other paint their nails and do face masks at the “spa.” A funny thing that happened today was when a camper buried himself in the sand at the playground and all the campers helped him!

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