Birch Hill Session 1 Day 6

This morning we played freeze dance and then we got to feed the goats with Michele at music! Later on in the afternoon the kids then painted  American flag drawings for the upcoming holiday! Being the first day of the week there was no special day today however we were all so excited to meet our new friends!  I have to say our favorite moment of the day was in music when everybody made a conga line and we all danced and sang around the pavilion!   This afternoon we are looking forward to our double swim so we can take a nice dip in the pool to cool down. All the returning campers from the previous week did a great job by including the new people with open arms in all the activities.   Today during swim lessons, the kids were taught a new stroke, the back crawl! It’s very tricky, but luckily we have all week to practice.  Tomorrow is Town pride day so wear your town pride if you have any see you tomorrow!

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