Birch Hill Session 1 Day 5

This morning we took a tractor ride and did archery. The kids were patient and worked hard to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Today at Arts and Sports the kids made different clay objects. Some of the kids used the pottery wheel to make cups, mugs and pots while others made animals or jewelry out of clay. Today was Cook Out! We went up to our camp site and had burgers and hotdogs in the woods. One of the favorite moments of the day was when all the kids jumped right in during swim lessons and were brave in showing their progress in the pool. The next camp day is Monday – wear a PDC shirt! Today a brave camper put her head under the water for the first time at swim even though she was afraid to go all the way under. A kind moment today was when one of the campers helped the other camper put sunscreen on his face. Something funny that happened today was singing songs on the tractor as we took a nice ride around camp.

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