Birch Hill Session 1 Day 2

Today was an awesome day.  We had athletics and we played soccer, cat and mouse, and mini golf. We also had swim and arts and crafts. The kids made flower thermometer today in arts and crafts for earth day.  Some of us made clay pots in Enrichment. For Earth Day we also explored the woods and had dirt dessert (chocolate pudding, Oreos and gummy worms) today.   A favorite moment of the day was when one of the quietest campers screamed “I love camp!!!!” As he went down the slide. Tomorrow is tie dye day! Bring a white T-shirt or white clothing to camp. One brave camper was afraid to go in the water and by the end of the day was dunking her head under. Way to go!  A kind moment today was when a group of campers helped pick up trash that wasn’t theirs today at lunch. A funny moment today was when the kids were playing cat and mouse and they had to run super fast so they wouldn’t get hit by the dodgeball!

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