Banner Hollow Session 4 Day 4

This morning we had athletics where we played some kickball and soccer. Luckily we had swim right after so we were able to cool down fast!  Today some campers made wind chimes during enrichment up at arts and crafts. The kids got to paint their designs too so they look great! The special day today was crazy hair and sock day so campers and counselors came to camp rocking some crazy hairdos and some wild socks. Our favorite moment of the day was playing kickball with John, the athletics director, and watching him wipe out when he was running to first base. It was really funny to watch and all the kids were cheering. The special day tomorrow is cookout so we’ll get to enjoy some salad, burgers, hot dogs and lemonade for lunch. We also get to have some ice cream sundaes after lunch! Our brave camper shout out goes to Miles Helmer for being brave enough to go on the flying squirrel during Project Adventure. Miles watched a lot of his friends go up first then he gathered up all his courage and decided to take his turn.  Our kind moment of the day goes to Elise Yashar for helping campers put on their sunscreen after swim this morning. We really appreciate her reminding her friends to put it on as it can be dangerous playing in the hot sun playing without sunscreen. Today during Project Adventure some of the campers that were trying to pull the rope that would lift kids in the air for flying squirrel would end up also going up in the air for a quick second. This is because of all the kids toward the end of the rope pulling really hard which would cause some of the kids up front to be lifted in the air and it was pretty funny to watch.

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