Banner Hollow Session 4 Day 3

This morning we went up in the woods to Project Adventure and used the Triangle Traverse. This is a low element course where the campers try to balance on a wire using a rope and walk down as far as they can.  Today the kids made things out of popsicle sticks in Arts and Crafts. We also, of course, made more fuse beads. The special day today was Pirate Day. People all around camp were dressed as pirates and we got to enjoy some buried treasure (candy) during music. We also played some pirate themed mad libs during music. Our favorite moment of the day was music because it was a really silly time and everyone was having fun. Tomorrow is crazy hair and sock day! Our brave camper shout out goes to Matthew Tartufo. Matt was stung by a bee right by his ear during arts and crafts today. He handled it super well though and stayed calm even though it stung. Today during Project Adventure it was funny watching the kids attempt to do the triangle traverse. All of the campers would root for each other to make it far and everyone did really good!

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