Banner Hollow Session 4 Day 2

This morning we went down the slip and slide during double swim and it was a lot of fun. Campers got to cool off on such a hot day in a very fun way!Today a lot of kids made masks and bandannas in arts and crafts. A lot of the campers were looking like ninjas at the end of it. The campers that weren’t making the masks or bandannas made fuse beads.The special day today was water fun day so we got double swim in the morning and the afternoon. We also got to go down the water slide and play water games like water balloon toss during athletics.Our favorite moment of the day was just the fact that it was water fun day. Today was the perfect day for water fun day because of how hot it was so everyone got the chance to frequently cool down.The special day tomorrow is Pirate Day so everyone should come to camp dressed like a pirate! We’ll get a chance to play some pirate games and search for buried treasure!

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