Banner Hollow Session 4 Day 1

This morning we had Adventure Craft where we followed the trails way up in the woods and went blueberry picking! There are a lot of blueberries this year so everyone was able to enjoy some! Today the kids made little flags and fuse beads in Arts and Crafts. The special day today was the first day of session 4! We got to meet many new friends in Banner Hollow and everyone got along super well!  Our favorite moment of the day was Adventure Craft because we were up in the woods where it’s a bit cooler and shady. We also, of course, got to enjoy some fresh blueberries! Tomorrow is water fun day so we’ll get to play some water games and we’ll be having double swim in the morning as well as the afternoon because it will be so hot. We also get to go down the slip and slide tomorrow morning! Our kind moment of the day goes to all of the campers of Banner Hollow for being so nice to one another today and being very welcoming to all the new campers! Finally, Today during free swim Lucas was dabbing in the pool with one of the lifeguards and it was funny to watch him do the dance. All the campers around him were laughing and they started to dab too.

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