Banner Hollow Session 4 8/16

This morning we had athletics and we played a new popular game called Hoop Hop Showdown. In this game campers hop from hoop to hoop until they come across a camper from the opposing team and they play a game of rock, paper, scissors. The winner gets to hop on until they reach the other teams side, facing opposing campers along the way. It was super fun to play this new game and everyone had a great time. Today the kids made s’mores and dough boys in Adventure Craft as a special treat for today being the last we have Adventure Craft. Each camper had the option of getting two s’mores, two dough boys or one of each.The special day today was camp challenge day and the kids competed in a few different games. They also did a few relay races during swim this morning. Our favorite moment of the day was when we listened to the Spongebob Jellyfish Jam during lunch over one of the counselors’ speakers. Tomorrow is the best of PDC. We’ll be doing a bunch of different fun activities that make Pilgrim Day Camp so fun! It will also be the last day of camp so we’ll have a lot of goodbyes as well. Our brave camper shout out goes to all of our campers for learning the group song that we will be performing in front of the camp tomorrow. Everyone did a good job but we still need just a bit more practice. Our kind moment of the day goes to Sadie, Vivienne and Brooke for helping lead the group in singing our groups song. No matter how many times we practiced the counselors were always able to hear these girls singing and they did really well and were very helpful. Today after Adventure Craft Cooper Clark thought he lost his hat while we were up in the woods. We spent a couple minutes searching for it while the other campers and counselors went back down to the camp site. Next thing we know, one of the counselors is walking back up letting Cooper know he left his hat by his bag at the campsite and he never had brought it up with him.

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