Banner Hollow session 4 8/15

This morning we had Project Adventure and lower divide. At PA campers did the peanut butter pit which is a team building exercise and everyone did well. At lower divide we played gaga ball and played around on the bikes at the courts.Today the kids made gimp and rainbow loom bracelets.The special day today was earth day so we cleaned up our camp site and had a special dirt dessert during lunch!Our favorite moment of the day was having dirt dessert during lunch cause everyone was happy to be getting an extra snack. The dessert consisted of chocolate pudding, Oreos and gummy worms.The special day tomorrow is Camp Challenge Day. The whole camp will be getting together at some point during the day and we’ll compete in different games!Our brave camper shout out goes to Bryn Lytle for being one of the leaders while we sang our group song. Bryn seemed to understand the song pretty quickly so the counselors were looking to her to help lead the campers in the song!Our kind moment of the day goes to all of our campers who sat quietly during the Glee performance that went on during camp today! All of our campers were very polite and respectful of all of the performers. Today during the peanut butter pit up at Project Adventure, we were down to our last camper going across when someone slipped off the back of the platform and everyone had to go back. It was a good effort but we fell one camper short of getting the whole squad across.

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