Banner Hollow Session 4 8/14

This morning we had 1620 house and some of the campers came down to the wiffle ball field to play some two hand touch football. Some of the campers had some really good moves and were able to fake out others and score a touchdown!Today the kids made fuse beads and little wristbands and necklaces out of small rubber bands. The special day today was Western day so campers and counselors came to camp in cowboy and cowgirl gear. We also got to cook some s’mores during enrichment as a special treat for western day. Our favorite moment of the day was obviously enrichment cause we got to enjoy a delicious treat! The special day tomorrow is Earth day so we’re going to appreciate all the nature at PDC and have a special snack! Our kind moment of the day goes to Nick McCay for helping pick up at the end of athletics when everyone else was just going back to their bags. Nick stayed behind with one of the counselors and picked up after the campers who just threw stuff on the ground and left it there. Thanks for your help Nick! During free swim today some of our campers were going down the water slide at the pool and they were being really silly about it.

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