Banner Hollow Session 4 8/13

This morning we had adventure craft where we listened to a story and then searched for some special rocks around the upper campsites. Campers were then rewarded with marshmallows for all of their hard work. Today the kids made lanterns and CD disco balls in Arts and Crafts. The special day today was the first day of the last week of camp. We welcomed back a few old campers and had a great day. Our favorite moment of the day was enrichment because the options today were really fun. They included 1620 house, making Frito burritos and doing a treasure hunt with compasses. Campers split up and did what they wanted to do. The special day tomorrow is country western day so people will be coming to camp dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls! Our brave camper shout out goes to all of the campers without a sweatshirt today because it was kind of chilly at camp and the rain didn’t help. Our kind moment of the day goes to Bryn Lytle because she gave her sweatshirt to someone else who was cold to wear for a little bit. This was very kind of Bryn and it was awesome to see her helping out a friend. Throughout the day one of our campers, Billy MacDonald, would often just be caught displaying some of his best Fortnite dance moves and it was really funny to just see him casually doing it. His moves were very impressive!

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