Banner Hollow Session 3 Day 5

This morning we had arts or sports where we played gaga ball (of course) and campers got to finish painting pottery they made last week. Today in arts and crafts the kids made silly puddy using some glue and got to color it using food coloring. They also continued making fuse beads that they had made on Wednesday.Today’s special day was cookout so we ate burgers, hot dogs and salad for lunch. We also had some lemonade to wash it all down! Our favorite moment of the day was free swim because it gave us a chance to cool off and it was nice to be by the pool on a nice day. Monday is the Olympic Opening Ceremony. We get to kick off Olympic week and compete all week long for our teams! Our brave camper shout out goes to the campers that played gaga ball today because some of the older kids came to play with us today and all of our campers were brave enough to take them on! Our kind moment of the day goes to Ruhaan for sharing the silly puddy during arts and crafts and making room for others to sit at the table and have turn to play with it! During gaga ball today some of the campers displayed some very impressive dodging skills and it was really cool to be able to watch some of them. Some of the campers clapped as they watched others jump out of the way of the ball and run to safety.

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