Banner Hollow Session 3 Day 4

This morning we had athletics so we played a game called gold ball which is essentially capture the flag using dodge balls to get people out. We finished off athletics with 2 big games of Yoshi which was also really fun and got everyone involved. Today we didn’t have any arts and crafts so the kids didn’t make anything except stronger friendships. Today’s special day was favorite sports team day so campers and counselors came to camp representing their favorite sports teams! Our favorite moment of the day was doing the peanut butter pit and tire swings during project adventure. It was a really fun team building exercise and everyone had a good time. Tomorrow is cookout so we all get to enjoy some burgers and hot dogs for lunch. Hopefully we’ll have some good weather too! Our brave camper shoutout goes to all of our campers for crossing the dangerous peanut butter pit. Some campers did fall in and we had to restart a few times but we were all eventually able to get it together and cross the dangerous pit. Our kind moment of the day also goes to all of our kids because of how respectful and kind they were while we played gaga ball during 1620. All of the campers got out of the pit when they got hit by the ball and they all wished each other good luck before games. Today during athletics the kids had a really fun time trying to get the counselors out during gold ball. Every time a counselor ran over to the opposite side campers were aiming for them hoping to get them all out.

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