Banner Hollow Session 3 Day 3

This morning we had Project Adventure and some kids got to go on the flying squirrel! One camper would be attached to a rope through their harness and all the other campers would pull them up in the air using the rope. Everyone had a great time. Today the kids made pinatas out of balloons, newspapers and some paste in arts and crafts. Campers also finished up their Popsicle stick crafts from last time. Today was fiesta day so we got to break a pinata during lunch and eat some candy! We also got to enjoy some chips and salsa with our lunch! Our favorite moment of the day was definitely breaking the pinata because everyone got to root on their friends as they tried to hit it. When it finally opened, everyone got to eat some candy! Tomorrow is favorite sports team day so campers should come to camp representing their favorite team professional or collegiate. Our brave camper shout out goes to Maddie Nable for going on the flying squirrel. She was a little nervous at first but when she saw her friends do it she got super excited and hopped right on! Our kind moment of the day goes to all of our campers because everyone made sure someone else got candy instead of taking it all for themselves. We appreciate everyone being so polite and good at sharing! Today during music we made skits using a couple of random objects and had to pretend those object weren’t what they actually were. For example, we used a bean bag as cards for a magic trick. All the campers laughed when the groups performed and everyone was really creative.

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