Banner Hollow Session 3 Day 2

This morning we played at 1620 house. We played some video games and rode around on bikes. We also had a couple of intense games of air hockey. Today the kids made fuse beads and plaster masks in arts and crafts. They also created some things using popsicle sticks and glue. The special day today was Tattoo Tuesday and campers were able to ink up with some fresh designs. The main theme of our tattoos seemed to be unicorns and sharks so everyone was looking great. All the tattoos were of course temporary. Our favorite moment of the day was enrichment because all the campers got to do things that didn’t require running around in the direct sun. The options for today included friendship bracelets, pottery, and the 3 line bridge up in the trees at Project Adventure. It was nice being able to be in the shade for a bit! Tomorrow’s special day is Fiesta Day! Every group at camp will get a piñata and we’ll have a special snack! Our brave camper shout out goes to Colby today because he was a little scared as he climbed up the tree for the 3 line bridge during enrichment. Colby then conquered his fear and made it up the tree and got to experience the 3 line bridge and it was awesome to see! Our kind moment of the day goes to Keigan Blades for helping clean up trash from the camp site when it was time to go. He went around picking up others’ trash as they all stood up and walked away from the site, thanks for your help Keigan! Today during lunch, without any instruction, the campers started a conga line around the campsite. It was funny to watch and everyone was having a good time. The conga line soon turned into what appeared to be a short game of fishy fishy cross my ocean.

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