Banner Hollow Session 3 8/2

This morning we had athletics so we played a couple of different games like gold ball, doctor dodgeball and scramble. We split the group up into their Olympic teams and all played for points. Today the kids made delicious dough boys in Adventure Craft while listening to scary (but not too scary!) stories. Today’s special day was Hawaiian Day and everyone came to camp wearing their best Hawaiian gear and all the campers were given leis when they were dropped off. Our favorite moment of the day was free swim at the end of the day because it was super hot in the sun all day so a nice refreshing swim was the perfect way to end the day. Tomorrow is Olympic day! Everyone should get a good night’s sleep and come to camp ready to compete and win this year’s Olympics. All campers should come to camp dressed in their team’s colors. Tomorrow is also cookout so campers don’t need to bring a lunch! Our brave camper shout out goes to Victoria Hoffnung because she got a cut during Adventure Craft but she calmly walked over to the counselors to show us and we helped clean it off. Our kind moment of the day goes to Milo and Neo Chan for helping pick up the dodgeballs at the end of athletics and making sure the balls were in the middle at the end of each round. Today when we were playing gaga ball Charlie Rositano kept sliding on the ground whenever he dodged or hit the ball. The campers and counselors all thought it was really funny and Charlie got right back up each time.

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