Banner Hollow Session 3 7/31

This morning we had 1620 house and we played video games, basketball and air hockey. Some of the campers also played some 1 on 1 basketball against the counselors and put up some serious competition. Today the kids made capes, headbands and wristbands using their Olympic team colors in Arts and Crafts. They also made team flags and decorated them however they wanted to. The special day today was Double Dare Tuesday so we played some games during enrichment with all of the camp there and competed against the group that sat next to us. Our favorite moment of the day was definitely enrichment because it was fun being able to play games with all of the camp there and we also got to play some awesome games of charades and pictionary. Tomorrow is Tie Dye day so everyone should bring a white shirt to camp so we can tie dye it at some point during the day!Our brave camper shoutout goes to Emma Nickerson for volunteering to attempt a headstand during our double dar activity and representing our group during the competition. Our kind moment of the day goes to James Baldessarini for helping the counselors set up dodgeball during athletics while the other campers just ran around. We really appreciate your help James! Something that was hilarious today was after making headbands, capes and wristbands in arts and crafts, campers acted like they were ninjas and there was one master for each of the four Olympic teams. It was funny to watch them act this out and campers were told they were all masters in the Banner Hollow dojo.

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