Banner Hollow Session 2 Day 5

We had a great day today at Banner Hollow. Today the kids made gimp, fuse beads and painted tiles in arts and crafts. We also played some board games such as checkers and Monopoly. This morning we played many games of gaga ball in Arts or Sports while others finished painting the pottery they made last Friday. Today was cookout so we got to enjoy some burgers, hot dogs and salad during lunch along with chips and lemonade! After lunch, we had some ice cream sundaes and popsicles. Our favorite moment of the day was gaga ball first period because there was a tremendous amount of sportsmanship displayed by all of the campers and everyone had a lot of fun!

Our brave camper shout out goes to all of the campers who played gaga when our CIT Thomas was playing. None of the campers backed down from the challenge of having an older kid play with them and they were eventually able to knock him out of the game. Team work! Our kind moment of the day goes to all of the campers during lunch because they all had such good manners when the counselors were passing out food. Keep being polite guys, great job!

Monday is the first day of week 4 of camp! We hope everyone has a great weekend and look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday.

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